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September 2012

Technology Enabling Travel


The experience economy has become an increasingly important concept in modern society as well as in business. Today, consumers increasingly strive for experiences gained by the consumption of products/services. Tourism as a traditionally service-dominated industry has always been on the forefront of the experience economy. For tourism businesses, designing, staging …

URBAKS and Digital Graffiti



We are a fashion design company. We have to be on the edge. We are very active on the web and with social media: Mobile commerce applications have been in our radar screen for a long time. Our customer base includes many tourists with smart phones and we …

IT for Businesses

IT proper adoption by businesses has been a major driver of competitive advantage over the last couple of decades. Experience proves that often such advantage is more rapidly grasped by large enterprises. This can be explained because IT investment in general requires upfront costs and relatively small variable costs. Most …

iPhone 5 & Mobile Commerce DIG Project



The iPhone 5 has been announced. It is here. But… what does it mean for researchers in the field of mobile applications? Will it mean a paradigm shift in industries like Tourism? Well… I feel that iPhone 5 means incremental steps in the same direction as its predecessor the iPhone …