Here we will be posting information about the different applications of DIG


DIG Graffiti applications and tools for SMEs and USERS:

>> DIG for SMEs: Apps and tools to create your marketing material for your products and services’ promotional campaigns.

>> DIG for USERS: Apps ready to use from your mobile device to enjoy local SMEs’ commercial services and share your experiences.


The RTD consortium will provide an indicative initial series of applications to start with:

1.    DIG QR Codes

2.    DIG proof of presence

3.    Mobile communities-Alerts

4.    Mobile Store locator

5.    Mobile invitations

6.    DIG Shopping

7.    Restaurant social network

8.    Advance analytics

At the same time, by providing the opportunity for 3rd Party Development, the offering of services will be continuously enhanced. The goal is to create a DIG Mobile Application Store, where the 3rd Party Developers will choose on their distribution model: an application can be free because the developer is offering it at no cost to the consumer while charging for other things within the application. There would be also applications that are free to use but that charge for physical goods that you can have delivered through the application. Other applications instead will be free to users and derive their revenue from advertising. This can be done with banners as well as full page advertising between game levels for instance. By allowing 3rd party development, the DIG Project expects to secure its constant development and allows for applications to be added that are user generated and driven.