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First Tweets Sent Through Google Glass

Google Glass Mirror App allows developers the creation of apps for Google’s augmented reality glasses. Thanks to Google Glass API, several developers have sent the first “tweets” from what could be Twitter’s official application for Google Glass, the augmented reality glasses from the American multinational. “Twitter for Glass” is written …

Some project favorite links

Graffiti news from around the world: News from the NYTimes Links from Project Members: Barcelona Chamber of Commerce Naples Chamber of Commerce Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants (LVRA) Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce (CCB&H) Velti Information Highway Group (IHG) University of Bournemouth   project-digital-interactive-graffiti/ …

iPhone 5 & Mobile Commerce DIG Project



The iPhone 5 has been announced. It is here. But… what does it mean for researchers in the field of mobile applications? Will it mean a paradigm shift in industries like Tourism? Well… I feel that iPhone 5 means incremental steps in the same direction as its predecessor the iPhone …