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Shaping the future of Tourism Services


People’s mobility today is central in societies and its comprehension is essential to understand the current way of life. Recently, intensive scientific efforts have been invested in better understanding this phenomenon. At the same time and linked with human mobility, eTourism represents a very active research field in Computer Science. …

Technology enhanced experienced economy

Here are the most recent theoretical and industry perspectives on how to enhance experiences in various tourism and hospitality contexts: 1. “Experiences are co-created and technology-enhanced” (Barbara Neuhofer, BournemouthUniversity) Today’s tourism experiences are increasingly co-created and technology enhanced. Consumers are now the starting point of experience creation and they are …

Technology Enabling Travel


The experience economy has become an increasingly important concept in modern society as well as in business. Today, consumers increasingly strive for experiences gained by the consumption of products/services. Tourism as a traditionally service-dominated industry has always been on the forefront of the experience economy. For tourism businesses, designing, staging …