DIG for SMEs

DIG Graffiti presentation video from DIG Graffiti on Vimeo.

DIG Native Applications

DIG Native Apps (i.e., DIG Graffiti App and DIG Loyalty App) allows reaching end mobile users/consumers any time any place. DIG Native Apps will be accessed via Google Play or App Store (only DIG Graffiti App):

/DIG Graffiti App
Click on the icons or scan the QR codes to download the app:


/DIG Loyalty App
Click on the icon or scan the QR code to download the app:



DIG Reach Internet Application (Ria) is a novel rich media authoring tool for creating mobile reach media (i.e., mobile microsites) towards easily establishing mobile presence and reaching out mobile consumers that matter.

Click on the icon or the link to use the tool:






DIG Physical

DIG Physical is a physical markers campaign and conversion tracking tool. DIG Physical enables the creation of physical markers (QR codes) that can be printed and/or attached to products, stores or even walls, in order to promote to mobile consumers services and products.

Click on the icon or the link to use the tool:






DIG Camp

Is a flexible campaign management and conversion tracking tool that offers the functionality of sending promotional messages to mobile consumers with DIG-enabled applications.

Click on the icon or the link to use the tool:






DIG Analytics

Offers methods and proper UI that allows the understanding of the behavior of mobile consumers when accessing promotions, campaigns and mobile presence.

Click on the icon or the link to use the tool:






DIG Background Work Tools > TO MAKE VISION A REALITY

/01 DIG RIA Website

/02 Creating a DIG RIA microsite

/03 DIG Graffiti App


/04 Publishing a Graffiti with the URL


/05 Analytics for the Graffiti

/06 DIG Physical Website

/07 DIG Physical Analytics


/08 DIG Camp Website

/09 Creating a notification

/10 DIG Value Calculator