DIG Graffiti App demo video from Digital Graffiti on Vimeo.

DIG Native Applications

DIG Native Apps (i.e., DIG Graffiti App and DIG Loyalty App) allows reaching end mobile users/consumers any time any place. DIG Native Apps will be accessed via Google Play or App Store (only DIG Graffiti App):

/DIG Graffiti App
Click on the icons or scan the QR codes to download the app:


/DIG Loyalty App
Click on the icon or scan the QR code to download the app:

DIG Graffiti App > USE CASE

/01 User writes a graffiti


/02 The Graffiti is published…

//to the web version of DIG Graffiti:

//on Facebook:

//as a QR Code:

//to the iPhone DIG Graffiti App:

//to the Android DIG Graffiti App:

//with his own permalink:

/03 User checks Graffiti near him


/04 Receives a notification

/05 User checks DIG RIA microsite


/06 The costumer enters in URBAKS


/07 QR mode is selected

/08 Scanning a QR code


/09 Buying a purse