DIG Loyalty android app is out!

DIG Loyalty app offers Android users a smart way to access promotional offers from local business via DIG platform through QR codes or notifications. It also allows DIG registered business to manage and test their QR code and notification marketing campaigns.

Stay Loyal to your Interests. If you are a consumer DIG Loyalty app allows you to easily scan QR codes or receive notification for promotions from businesses close to your location from DIG platform. The promotions are related to your every-day interests (e.g., products, events, stores, restaurants, etc) and you can carry them as digital content on your mobile phone.

Stay Loyal to your Audience. If you are a business and you are planning to use QR codes or DiG notifications for your marketing campaigns you can register with DIG services (http://dig.velti.com) to create your QR codes and notifications campaigns (available at: http://dig-physical.velti.com) and use DIG Loyalty application to sign to the service and access campaign QR codes you have created and test the progress of your notifications campaigns, from your mobile phone.

With DIG Loyalty Application you can easily access via just a scan or a click
• Invitations;
• Unique offers and promotions from local businesses;
• Talk-of-the-town events;
• Points of interest or favorite products’ info;

or, allow your mobile audience (e.g., customers) to easily carry on their mobile phones corresponding info related to your business!

Smart QR promotions and content scanning! Use DIG Loyalty app to scan and group QR codes related to your preferred local sites, activities, or products of interests (e.g., stores, hotels, restaurants, market places, touristic sites, events, etc). Upon scanning a QR Code the retrieved information is stored and automatically categorized. Use DIG Loyalty to access special promotions for your local area which are available to DIG Loyalty users but also use it to scan any QR code and view its content.

Access relevant and local promotions! DIG Loyalty enables you to receive quick personalized notifications (i.e., small informative messages) related to offers, events, promotional campaign, etc. from local businesses which are part of the DIG platform. You can then access the received notifications’ promotion offers on your DIG Loyalty app by just clicking it. Example information include promotion and business information information for stores, restaurants, bars, hotels that can be accessed via DIG or simple QR codes in printed media or physical location installations.

Have your campaign information with you anytime/anywhere! If you are a DIG platform registered business, DIG Loyalty allows you to sync and always carry you on your mobile device your marketing campaign QR Codes (created by DIG Physical tool available at: http://dig-physical.velti.com) and always easily access, use, download and print them!

DIG Loyalty application has been created and supported within the framework of EU funded project EU FP7 DIG