First Tweets Sent Through Google Glass

Google Glass Mirror App allows developers the creation of apps for Google’s augmented reality glasses.

Google published the Google Glass API with a guide for developers in April

Thanks to Google Glass API, several developers have sent the first “tweets” from what could be Twitter’s official application for Google Glass, the augmented reality glasses from the American multinational. “Twitter for Glass” is written at the bottom of the tweet and developers have used the hashtag #throughGlass to share these tweets.

Google Glass has become a novelty. The U.S. company has begun shipping the first units to developers in order to start testing the new device. In addition, the multinational is already producing the device, although it will not be available to the public until 2014.

In mid-April Google published the Google Glass API for developers. Google Glass Mirror API is  the way of developing applications for Google Glasses. Moreover, the U.S. company divulged a guide which explains, in a simple way, how to set up and implement a user’s project.

Publications include videos explaining, in depth, how contacts or the weather appear, quick start guides to learn how to use Java or Python, and required data and codes for developers. Besides the documentation, Google has also released some code samples that developers will be able to use in order to create their own codes.

With all this data, developers have started to work with Google Glass and even some important applications have started to be published, such as the American newspaper The New York Times’ app. However, it seems that one of the most important microblog networks, Twitter, has almost ready its own Google Glass app. Although Twitter’s team has not made public any information about an official app for Google Glass yet, some developers have been testing it and sending ‘tweets’ through Google glasses.

According to the website TechCrunch, at the bottom of the tweets appears “Twitter for Glass” as the signature, which confirms the existence of the application despite this has not been corroborated by the microblog network itself. Some of the developers’ tweets have been eliminated but others are still visible on their Twitter accounts such as the ones from Jonathan Gottfried.

In this way, Twitter for Google Glass makes the possibility of sharing photos, videos or mentioning other users easier and funnier.

Original Source: La Vanguardia