IT for Businesses

IT proper adoption by businesses has been a major driver of competitive advantage over the last couple of decades. Experience proves that often such advantage is more rapidly grasped by large enterprises. This can be explained because IT investment in general requires upfront costs and relatively small variable costs. Most of these upfront costs are not technology costs but costs associated with complementary assets such as organizational change program costs.

This has left many SMEs out of the lead user pack with devastating consequences for some of them for many reasons: there was an industry transformation that was not forecasted in advance, the investments where too big to be undertaken alone, there was not enough lobby power to adapt regulation in the local communities, etc.

To make sure SMEs can harness the full potential of the novel opportunities offered by Mobile Commerce, SME associations like Chambers of Commerce must be the wing partner that can alert SMEs of novel opportunities and provide the collective momentum that each opportunity requires.

Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona