The consortium comprises 10 partners from 5 EU member states (Spain, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, and UK). The driving forces behind the project are the SME-AGs. The SME-AGs provide direct access to SMEs active in tourism and retail sector in their respective countries. They will gain this access through direct links to individual SMEs as well as through the SME advisory board. There are 4 SME AGs in the consortium each representing a different country spread across Europe, with varying types of members. The SME-AGs have grouped together to form the consortium due to the need of their SME members. Through this project, these SME-AGs will be at the forefront of the new media applications.

In addition there are strong participants from research organisations (VELTI, IHG, NIO, and BU). There is a strong commitment within the consortium to the building of a durable project and management structure that will be sustainable beyond the duration of the project thus to facilitate the subsequent exploitation, dissemination on the road to the marketplace.

DIG Consortium is built according to the, so called, ‘best-of-breed’ partnering approach in which companies and academia are partnering and each participating company takes its position in the business based on its core competency. In that respect, the project brings together private sector partners, with genuine commercial interest in mobile solutions for SMEs, prestigious academic organisations with proven expertise in e-tourism and a group of pilot users in 4 European countries that wish to test and adopt an integrated a new mobile media  platform. This promotes interconnection of entities , and, hence, ensuring the sustainability of the service after the EC funding has finished.

The partners represent a good mixture of countries, having major differences on issues such as ICT maturity, m-business development etc. Pilots and market validation in different countries will assess peculiarities and differences in order to assist on its EU-wide perspective. This diverse sample of countries represented in the Consortium will be a valuable asset for useful lessons and practices, at least for the final deployment plan.

Barcelona Chamber of Commerce |

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona, also known as the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce is a public corporation founded in 1886 with headquarters in Barcelona, and regulated by the law 3 / 93 and Act 14/2002 of Catalonia whose primary function is to defend the interests of businesses and provide the necessary actions for the promotion of trade and industry – essentially all Barcelona companies are required by law to be part of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona is one of the most representative institutions of Barcelona and a first order’s point of reference for the country’s socio-economic arena.


Chamber of Commerce of Naples |

It is an active member of EuroChambres and cooperates with other European Chambers and institutions through its Office in Brussels. The Chamber supports businesses in the Province of Naples in all their activities of internationalization and promotion, including territorial marketing and exporting. The Naples Chamber is active in EU cooperation activities. It was lead partner of Euro-China Food 2004, and partner in TRIPAK and Vietnam Food Network, all financed by the EU Asia Invest Programme. The Chamber is partner in Bridg€conomies – Business Relays for Innovation and Development of Growing Economies – Enterprise Europe Network. It was Lead Partner of the INTERREG IIIB ARCHIMED project ARCHI-ISLE. The Chamber is currently Lead partner of the TN MED project SHIFT – Sustainable Tourism In Fragile Territories – and partner in TN MED project REINPO RETAIL – Regional Innovative Policies to reinforce the retail sector.


Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants |

Lithuanian Hotel and Restaurant Association is the only and largest public organization, uniting and representing hospitality business in Lithuania with more than 330 members. Accommodation and catering enterprises of the association create 10751 working places, which makes up to 30 percent of the working places created by the whole sector in Lithuania.  The association is full member of HOTREC (trade association of hotels, restaurants and cafes in the European Union, bringing together 40 national hospitality associations in 24 countries across Europe)


Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce |

The Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization, run by the members for the members. The Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce represents the local business community.. It represents the local business community as a whole, rather than focusing on specific segments, sectors or special-interest groups. Chamber events enjoy a high reputation in the City for quality networking and provide an excellent way to keep in touch with the local business community

United Kingdom

Velti S.A |

VELTI was founded in 2000, and is a leading platforms and services provider enabling mobile marketing, advertising and value-added services for advertising agencies, media groups, mobile operators, banks, government organizations and large enterprises. VELTI’s solutions cover the following key business activities: Mobile Marketing & Advertising, Mobile Internet, Mobile Value Added Services, Business Process Management, Document Management, Customer Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Portals, Media Content Delivery, Identity Management, Business. VELTI is an active participant in a plethora of Greek and EU research projects. In order to improve existing services and create new State-of-the-art services, the company is part of national and international consortia of research projects


Information Highway Group |

An SME focused on research-intensive technology services. IHG, who has gathered a lot of experience in this mobile platforms in the context of sensor networks as the integrator partner of the GROCER project, a FET project pioneer in the development of context-aware platforms for the retail sector in the context of the Internet of Things. IHG has focused its activities on Internet of Things projects, including:

  1. Technological foundations such as: WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks), RFID (Radiofrequency Identification), RTLS (Real Time Location Services), SoA (Service Oriented Architectures), B2B portals, logistic information system services
  2. Pioneer virtual systems for education, investment and banking, commerce, retail, manufacturing, food traceability, etc. Some of its projects have Since the early 90s, IHG has participated in over 5 EC funded projects.


University of Bournemouth |

The International Centre for Tourism & Hospitality Research (ICTHR) of Bournemouth University was set up in 1996. ICTHR has placed BU firmly on the international tourism education map by gaining recognition as one of the World Tourism organisation’s 15 Centre’s of Tourism Education Excellence. The centre is home to international journals that are represented in the top quartile of refereed papers and to several books that are considered to be leading texts in the international world of tourism education.

United Kingdom

Niobium Labs |

Niobium Labs sees itself as a high-tech company, which aims to help brands better engage their audiences through the use of smart phone applications and online communications programs.

The continuous on-going advancements in materials science, location technology, power storage / delivery as well as, processing speeds and algorithms, is enabling mobiles to establish itself across a broad spectrum of different markets. As a result, Niobium Labs provides custom made solutions with emphasis in the field of:

  1. Augmented reality
  2. QR code campaigns
  3. Location Technology Applications
  4. Mobile Games
  5. Social Game Dynamics


Metis S.A |

Metis SA is a change and innovation management consultancy specialized in the coordination of national and transnational R&D projects. Metis has long expertise in project management and software development of Joint Research Initiatives in the area of Information Communication Technologies application and services.


SacSac S.L |

Urbaks is an integrated manufacturer and seller of handbags and other complements. The company headquarters are based in Barcelona. It now has retail stores throughout Spain and will soon start franchising stores in several countries including possibly Portugal, Belgium and the USA.



Barcelona Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, a SME association, is the project Coordinator and Administrator, and acts as a liaison with EU. It is responsible for the smooth running of pilot in the area of Barcelona, Spain. It will provide input in WP2-Needs analysis. It will perform dissemination activities for its members. BCN will act as the project coordinator of the WP1.

Naples Chamber of Commerce
The Chamber of Commerce of Naples, a SME Association, is leader for the WP6 of dissemination. It is the responsible for the pilot runs in Naples, Italy, and  will provide input in WP2-Needs analysis. It will perform dissemination activities for its members.

Lithuanian Association of Hotels and Restaurants (LVRA)
LVRA, a lituanian association of companies of hospitality, will be responsible for the pilot runs in Lithuania, and will provide input in WP2-Needs analysis. It will perform disseminations activities for its members, assisting in the implementation of the Demo phase of the project, namely WP5.

Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce (CCB&H)
The Chamber of Commerce of Brighton & Grove, a SME Association, will be the responsible for the pilot runs in Brighton, United Kingdom, and  will provide input in WP2-Needs analysis. It will perform dissemination activities for its members.

VELTI is specialized in implementing highly targeted, interactive, and measurable campaigns by communicating with and engaging consumers via their mobile devices. It will be the leader for WP4-Platform Development. It will provide the basis of the DIG Platform.

Information Highway Group (IHG)
IHG, as a RTD performer has a lot of experience in mobile platforms in the context of sensor networks. IHG will lead the pilot phase, WP5. Also it will provide valuable insights to the platform development, WP4, regarding the potential expansion of DIG platform to the Internet of Things, making use of RFIDs (radiofrequency identificators).

University of Bournemouth
BU is leader of the WP3-Development of Methodology where its expertise on e-tourism will play a paramount role. Furthermore, it has experience in evaluating pilots runs for E.U projects (i.e i-SeT )

Niobium Labs
NIOBIUM LABS will play a significant role in the platform development. It will provide the acoustic proof of presence concept, advance analytic of the DIG usage and the development of a first batch of applications.

METIS through its international network (Belgium, UK, Cyprus ,Baltic) will explore opportunities for the commercial exploitation of the DIG platform after the life of the project

Urbaks, playing the role of a final user, will act as a best practise example. It will act as a change agent for the other SMEs.